MrMiSocki Volume 1
by MrMiSocki


Introducing MrMiSocki, limited-edition, comic-inspired, solo socks. This is a story of a solo sock, embarking on an incredible adventure in pursuit of becoming a pair once more. Together, they are MrMiSocki. Alone, he is just Socki, traveling through the dark and dangerous underground sock world to find his mate. MrMiSocki Volume 1 contains four solo socks, each based on a character from the MrMiSocki comic included within. MrMiSocki is the brainchild of cofounders Munish Taneja and AT Pratt. Munish, a sock-obsessed Google employee and AT, a talented illustrator with a knack for dark comics. Together, Munish and AT designed a covetable, limited-edition product made from high-quality, woven cotton textile in inimitable patterns. www.mrmisocki.com "The best and most comfortable socks ever." -Everyone that’s ever tried them