Ostrichpillow® Original
by Ostrichpillow


OSTRICHPILLOW ® is a revolutionary power-napping device. Catching some comfortable rest on the go has never been easier. This product is currently available in ‘Sleepy Blue’ and ‘Midnight Grey’. Hand Crafted in Spain with love! - Measurements: Size – cm: 45L x 28W x 15H Size – Inches: 17.7L x 11W x 5.9H Circumference opening for the head – cm : 70 Circumference opening for the head – Inches : 27.6 Fabric: 95 % Viscose – 5% Elastomer Filling: Polystyrene microbeads - Care: After much testing we recommend you gently spot clean OSTRICHPILLOW®, using mild soap and water, make sure you thoroughly air dry afterwards. Bear in mind it may take a few days to thoroughly dry out your napping pal, particularly if you live in a damp or humid climate. Please do not machine wash, tumble dry, iron, bleach or dry clean your OSTRICHPILLOW®, these processes will damage your pillow and interrupt your trendy napping style!