“Bazinga” Beaker Mug (400 mL), inspired by The Big Bang Theory
by The Big Bang Theory


Made of borosilicate (laboratory) glass, Light-weight and durable 12oz (400mL), easy to read graduations measure up to 350mL Silk-screening imprint of “Ba Z I N Ga” inspired by the Periodic Table of Elements and the fictional planet of Zuun, paint won't chip or fade Microwave and oven proof, dishwasher safe: top rack recommended Makes a unique gift for The Big Bang Theory fans, chemistry students, and teachers! “Sheldon, for God’s sakes, don’t make me beg.” - Raj “Bazinga! You’ve fallen victim to another one of my classic practical jokes. I’m your boss now. You may want to laugh at that.” – Sheldon Science and comic books – two topics of regular conversation for the Big Bang Theory gang. When you add Sheldon’s unique sense of humor, you get this inspired beaker mug. This beaker includes the periodic elements of Barium, Iodine, Nitrogen, Gallium, and the fictional element Zuunium, a rare element in the “Adventure Comics #327” comic book that can give humans superpowers, to spell out Sheldon’s iconic catchphrase, “Bazinga”. This unique beaker-turned-mug is a great gift for all Big Bang theory fans, science professors and students!