Mulehead The Moscow Mule Recipe Book
by Moscow Copper Co.


'Mulehead' - 75 Variations on the Classic The Holy Grail For Moscow Mule Lovers Collectors Edition with soft touch copper foil book cover. 75 unique recipes from bartenders around the world. Learn the science behind copper and your mule. Lime, ginger beer, bar essential articles and SO much more! Makes for the perfect gift! Look forward to bonus recipes and more surprises inside. Our Inspiration for 'Mulehead' We are excited to announce the release of 'Mulehead' the book, as we celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the Moscow Mule. In collaboration with Tales of the Cocktail and the 2016 “Year of the Mule” competition, our judges have selected the top recipes from over 400 submissions to compile a beautiful coffee table book. These talented cocktail artists from all over the globe offered up their own unique take on the classic blend of ginger beer, vodka and a splash of lime. This book is full of masterful photography and innovative recipes from award-winning mixologists which are sure to introduce some new and exciting flavors into your home and bring out the inner mixologist in you. The Science Behind The Copper Mug We hired an expert scientist to perform a series of tests and experiments in order to help us answer three main questions. 1. Does the copper vessel decrease the temperature of the cocktail and does it keep it colder longer? 2. Does copper influence the taste of the cocktail? 3. Scientifically, how does the copper vessel contribute to the overall drinking experience? Even we were surprised by some of the results. Get the book for the full 2 part report on all the results and to learn why the copper mug is such a critical component to the Moscow Mule.