Grey Bobby Anti Theft Backpack
by XD Design


Every day 400.000 pick pocket incidents occur worldwide. Never worry about this happening to you with the Bobby Anti-Theft backpack. Key features as cut-proof material, hidden zipper closures and secret pockets will keep your belongings safe during your commutes. Besides being the safest backpack it is also the most convenient backpack with features such as: - Integrated USB charging port - Illuminating safety strips - Water repellent fabric - Weight balance - Luggage strap - Adjustable open angles - YKK zippers - Advanced storage design - Shock-proof FAQ Will my laptop fit? The Bobby has a special pocket to keep your Laptop safe and secure during your travels. This pocket is big enough for all laptops up to 15,6" Is there a powerbank included in the backpack? No, the backpack will be delivered without the powerbank. There is a simple connection inside the backpack that make sure that you can easily connect all powerbanks that are on the market (by USB plug) This way the powerbank will never be outdated and you can keep using new models to charge your devices. Because this backpack will last for years! What are the dimensions of the compartments inside the backpack? Please find below all the seperate dimensions. Please note that all compartments are made from flexible materials and are easily bendable. Laptop compartment: 27 cm Width x 33 cm Height (up to elastic band is 40cm) x 3,5 cm Depth Tablet compartment: 25,5 cm Width x 12 cm Height (up to elastic band is 18 cm) x 1 cm Depth Water bottle compartment (usable for all typre of items, not just for water bottle): 9 cm Width x 14 cm Height x 5 cm Depth Compartment next to water bottle: 13 cm Width x 14 cm Height x 5 cm Depth Top compartment with place for pens: 20 cm Width x 10 cm Height x 3 cm Depth Hidden back pocket: 28 cm Width x 13 cm Height x 2 cm Depth Hidden side pockets: 12,5 cm Width x 15 cm Height x 2 cm Depth What is the content of the backpack? The Bobby backpack will hold 13L What is the output of the cable? The cable has an output of 2.4A What to do with extra charges for Customs/Taxes? We will do everything we can to avoid any extra charges, but please note that sometimes extra charges will be claimed on the receiving side. This depends on the country and customs office/rules of this country. Any applicable duties/VAT are the sole responsibility of you as purchaser, and not our team. We have absolutely no control over these additional duties/VAT, and so these fees (if applicable) may be imposed at the time of receiving the package. . Your order will be shipped out within 10 working days after your order is placed.