by BottleLoft


BottleLoft is the world's first magnetic bottle hanger for your refrigerator. BottleLoft attaches to the interior ceiling of your refrigerator via super strong 3m VHB adhesive. Simply peel and stick the BottleLoft... it'll allow you to free up some space and make your refrigerator the coolest one around! 2-Pack includes: two BottleLoft magnetic strips. Each strip has 3 magnetic positions, so 2 strips can hold 6 bottles. The 2-Pack also contains an instruction sheet, isopropyl surface cleaning pads, and a Strong Like Bull logo sticker. BottleLoft utiizes 3M VHB (very high bond) adhesive to securely attach to your refrigerator ceiling. BottleLoft uses high grade, super strong neodymium magnetic assemblies capable of holding 3.5X the weight of a 12oz. bottle by it's cap alone.