Hudway Glass
by Hudway


Head-up displays are becoming more common in high-end cars, but stand-alone units remain beyond the financial reach of many drivers. The HUDWAY Glass is a basic device that will take full advantage of your smartphone to give you a flexible HUD on a very modest budget. The simplicity of the HUDWAY Glass (particularly when compared to some of its feature-rich alternatives) could help it keep on the right side of that safety line. This device is a simple smartphone cradle that sticks on top of your dashboard while a transparent combainer (plastic lens) reflects and optically enhances key pieces of data displayed by your phone. Users can pick from a number of apps that use their phone's GPS and accelerometer to provide data like driving speed, location, and turn-by-turn directions. In keeping with the safety theme, Hudway's own app for Android and iOS (hudwayapp.com) doesn't visually overwhelm users, but instead focuses on displaying only a few bits of data at a time, making them large, easily readable, and not too distracting.