Diana F+
by Lomography


Shoot dreamy, color drenched images on 120 film with this Lomography best-seller—an analogue classic yet highly experimental camera. Package includes: Diana F+ Diana Flash This product is designed and developed by Lomography. Since 1992, Lomography has grown to be an internationally recognized organization dedicated to bringing fun and alternative approaches to photography and provide a passionate platform for sharing the love for experimental & creative photography all over the world. Cable Release Connection - Only with Adapter Battery Type - no battery needed Available Apertures - Pinhole, Cloudy= f8, Half-Shade= f11, Sunny= f16 Shutter Speeds - 1/60 (N), Bulb (B) Focal Length - 75mm Film advance - Knob Flash connection - Diana Flash Plug Focusing - Zone Focusing Focusing Distance - 1m Infinity Frame Counter - Volume display Material - Plastic Tripod Mount - Yes Lightmeter - No View Finder - Direct optical viewfinder