Smoovie Video Stabilizer
by Photojojo


A pocket-sized video stabilizer with a magnetic gimbal. For Videos Smooth as a Baby's Bottom, Less Smelly Tho There are ways to make your videos look expensive: include a huge explosion scene, film a large stack of money. But those methods are … well, expensive. Meet the inexpensive way to make your next film look like a billion dollar blockbuster: the Smoovie, a pocket-sized magnet-powered video stabilizer. Simply tuck your phone or GoPro into the universal grip, pull out the counterbalance weight, adjust the handle to your liking for a comfy hold and you’re ready in a film in seconds. The secret is a magnetic gimbal! This puppy uses both gravity (pulling on that weight) and two powerful neodymium magnets to keep your camera steady. Say goodbye to bouncy videos when you shoot as you walk. Hello smooth panning shots. Hi there silky tracking shots. With Smoovie your videos look like a million bux (they just don’t cost an actual milli).