Gorillapod Mobile
by Photojojo


The bendy sturdy Gorillapod tripod and your phone, together at last! Haven't we all looked at our GorillaPods and our phones and wished in our hearts that they'd be better friends? Possibly ... more than friends? Then it must be wish-granting season, because it's happening! The GorillaPod Mobile is here to sweep your phone off its nonexistent feet and onto three very flexible ones. That's right: it's a GorillaPod made just for smartphones, with three sturdy, bendy legs that stand up or twist around anything you see. When you and your phone need stability for self portraits, group shots, low light, long exposures, even timelapses, the GorillaPod Mobile is there to get a grip on whatever's nearby. The GorillaPod Mobile doesn't care whether you rock an iPhone or Android: it sees what's inside, baby. Its strong yet tender jaws stretch to hold every smartphone with equal care. Now we really can see our phone and our GorillaPod sitting in a tree, P-H-O-T-O-I-N-G...