The Pocket Spotlight
by Photojojo


A continuous light source that fits in the palm of your hand. If you could have one superpower, it would definitely be the ability to control the sun. Need your subject’s face lit just slightly to the left? No problem, you got this. The new and improved Pocket Spotlight is even better than super powers because it doesn’t involve some weird mutation! It’s a continuous light source that you can use on and off your phone. More LEDs for brighter light and a smaller size so it’ll truly fit in your pocket. The Pocket Spotlight gives off a soft, even light in three different brightness settings: full strength, half strength and strobe. That strobe setting is gonna make for some sweet Vines, we just know it. The Pocket Spotlight fits right into the headphone jack of any device you’re packing and pivots in two directions. Use that constant light for your photos or vids. The Spotlight even has an internal battery of its very own, so it won’t drain your phone and it charges up with a USB cable real quick. Use the Pocket Spotlight for dramatic lighting indoors, or take the most flattering fireside selfie ever seen. Hold the spotlight off camera to control shadow direction, and create your best profile pic ever. Emphasis on the ‘pro’. Who's got a pocketful of sunshine? You do!