Nikon Camera Lens Mugs
by Photojojo


"Icon, Yukon, we all con for Nikon!" OK fine, so that saying makes no sense. But when you see our Nikon lens mugs, you'll know The Con Is On. They look so much like real camera lenses that people won't know the difference ... until they see you sipping coffee out of them. The Extra Tall Lens goes anywhere; it's the foreign correspondent of lens mugs. The base unscrews to double as a handled cup, and the stainless steel vacuum insulated liner means liquids stay hot for up to 20 hours. How can you resist putting one in an old camera bag to make the baddest lunchbox around? The Original Lens Mug: It Zooms. Fuh reals! When you twist the rubber-grip rings on the outside, it actually zooms! The lid looks like a lens cap, and there's even a manual/auto focus switch. Perfect for your morning cuppa, ice cream sundae, or even a houseplant. Know any photo geeks? Then we'll tell you a secret: this is exactly what they want for their birthday/wedding/graduation/bat mitzvah present. Promise. Unbelieveably realistic, 1:1 full-size clones Ultimate head-turner. Drink out of a lens! The Extra Tall Lens Thermos is vacuum-insulated, has an easy-pour stopper, and a pop-off handled cup The Original Lens Mug actually zooms, and has a screw on lens cap lid Both mugs have a double-wall stainless steel lining Hand wash plz, not dishwasher safe! Original holds 10 oz of liquid Extra Tall holds 16 oz of liquid Psst ... looking for Canon Lens Mugs?