Poké Ball Cupcake Pan
by ThinkGeek


FOR WHEN YOU'RE ALL OUT OF POKÉ BALLS Pokémon's been around and we've been fans for 20 years, but especially with the recent craze everyone's baking up Poké Ball cupcakes. But not all of us are as gifted in the kitchen as we are in the Pokémon gym. For those of you who are like us and use your ovens mainly to reheat pizza and tell the time, we've created a way for you to make flawless Poké Ball cupcakes without all the culinary expertise. This two-part Poké Ball Cupcake Pan cleverly snaps together to ensure your cake batter stays put while baking. First you're going to grease the pan, including the rim around the opening at the top of each Poké Ball - that's important for later. Then you fill in the little Poké Ball shaped molds with a single cake batter or go wild and layer one color of dough on top of a second. Bake it in the oven according to your batter's instructions, and voila. We predict you'll have tasty little Poké Balls in less than half an hour. Excess batter will bake out the hole on top, and as long as you remembered to grease around the opening you can easily trim it away. In fact, we suggest you cut that spot flat to keep your tasty Poké Ball from rolling when you serve them. Just don't throw them at anybody, k? Tips from the back of the packaging: Stabilize pan by placing it on a cookie sheet. Coat baking surfaces and also surfaces around exterior of hole with non-stick cooking spray. This will help remove dough cleanly if batter overflows. Ensure two mold parts are completely sealed before filling. Fill to almost full in order to make batter take up all the space in mold as it bakes. To make dual-colored, fill to almost halfway with white batter and rest of the way with colored batter. Allow cakes to cool completely before removing from pan. Bake according to recipe's instructions, but keep an eye on it in case you need to adjust. Use yeast recipes for best results. Product Specifications Poké Ball Cupcake Pan Officially-licensed Pokémon merchandise A ThinkGeek creation & exclusive Makes 4 cupcakes that look like Poké Balls Materials: Food-safe silicone Care Instructions: Oven, microwave, and dishwasher safe Imported Dimensions: 8" wide x 9" tall x 3 1/2" deep; makes 3 1/2" diameter Poké Balls