Pokémon Ball Mug
by ThinkGeek


"OH BOY! THREE A.M.!" If you have an addictive personality or just appreciate the sudden influx of dopamine created by a good catch, the back of your brain is probably itching to play Pokémon Go constantly. Your brain: "Can we play now? Now? How about now? " It's 3 a.m., and you can't go back to sleep because there could be a Blastoise out there, just waiting for you. You won't know unless you check. And that's why you need this Pokémon Ball Mug. Because although the thought of Pokémon Go might propel you upright, you won't stay upright at crazy hours of the night without a good dose of caffeine. The app is willing but the flesh is weak. Fortify it with some coffee served up in this Poké ball mug. Product Specifications Pokémon Ball Mug Officially-licensed Pokémon merchandise Mug shaped like a Poké ball Capacity: 8 oz. Materials: Ceramic Care Instructions: Hand wash only. Not dishwasher safe. Do not microwave. Imported Ages 12+ Note: DO NOT THROW MUG