Star Wars BB-8 Heat Change Mug
by ThinkGeek


BB-DRINK When you're flying across the galaxy it can get a little boring. After all, you have a guidance computer, you can put that puppy on auto-pilot until you come out of hyperspace. You might need some help staying alert. While you may be able to enlist the help of Chewie with a rousing game of Dejarik, always letting him win because you don't want him to tear your arms out of your sockets can get old fast. What you need is nice cuppa tea or coffee to keep you awake. The BB-8 Ceramic Mug with Lid features one of your favorite astromech droids in a hefty mug, big enough for a Hutt, but made for a human. This mug has a nifty little lid in the shape of the Beebs head to keep your drinks nice and warm. If the beverage is hot, BB-8 will let you know by revealing the control panel, but you'll have to look closely - he likes to keep it hidden away. Product Specifications BB-8 Ceramic Mug with Lid Officially-licensed Star Wars: The Force Awakens merchandise A ThinkGeek creation & exclusive Mug modeled after one of our favorite astromech droids The lid is BB-8's head! Hidden heat change feature - hot water reveals control panel Capacity: 18 oz. Materials: 100% ceramic Care Instructions: Hand wash only. Do not microwave. Dimensions: 5" diameter x 4" height