GreenLighting Portable Solar Panel - 7W Charger w/ Power Bank & LED Light (Camo)
by GreenLighting


Reg. $89.99 ALWAYS PREPARED- The Boy Scouts had their motto for a particular reason- it made good sense. The 7 Watt Folding Solar Charger was designed in the spirit of always being prepared. The IPS65 rating means that this charger is rain and dustproof, allowing it to take whatever nature can throw at it and still keep on working. Take the charger with you when you camp or hike, and you'll never find yourself in a sticky situation with a dead cell phone again. EASY TO USE- Charging has never been easier. Simply clip the 5000 mAh Li- battery power pack into the solar panels, open the panels and position in the sun, and let it charge. Solar charging takes between 6-10 hours, depending on the quality and intensity of the light. If you'd rather charge up before you head out, use the included USB cord to connect the power pack to a computer. When it's fully charged, remove the pack and connect any electronic device that needs a little pick me up. EASY TO CARRY- Not only is this solar charger incredibly convenient, it's also incredibly easy to carry. Folding down to a slim 1", the charger is easy to slide into a backpack when it's time to head out. And, when you're back at home, that same slim silhouette makes it easy to store. ADDITIONAL FEATURES- Not content with just charging all of your electronics, this handy device also features a 120 lumens LED flashlight on the rear of the power pack. Operated by the front-side power button, this extra flashlight is a lifesaver in the event your main flashlight gives out. PRODUCT DIMENSIONS- Measures 9.25" x 6.6" x 1" (when closed), includes solar panels, battery pack, and USB cord