Navy Blue Lunar ' Phases' Astronomy Unisex Sleep Mask
by ohhhlulu


This sleep mask is perfect for him or her. It is made of an exterior layer of dark, navy blue cotton printed with the phases of the moon. It features a black satin elastic strap that is super stretchy and won't snag in your hair. All Ohhh Lulu Sleep Masks are made of 5 layers of fabric: a outer layer of printed fabric, two interior layers of cotton batting for structure, an interior layer of black cotton to reduce light transfer, and a final layer of 100% cotton. I use cotton to line my sleep masks as it allows your skin to breathe, and wicks away sweat and oil from the skin. It's easy to clean and wont slip during the night. The sleep mask pulls on easily with a satin elastic band, which won't snag or pull your hair.