Over The Door Pull-up Bar
by Titan Fitness


The Titan Fitness over the door pull-up bar is perfect for doing strength body weight exercises, both on the door and on the floor! For vertical exercises, you can workout your biceps, back and tricep muscles with chin-ups, pull-ups, leg-lifts and reverse crunches. When you place it on the floor, you can work out your abs with crunches, your triceps with dips, and your chest with push-ups. The Titan Fitness over the door pull up bar is easy to assemble, does not require mounting, and is very versatile and affordable! Features: - No mounting equipment necessary; flat surface rests on door frame - Perfect for upper body strength exercises - Multiple grip positions: inner, outer and middle - Versatile for body weight exercises Specifications - Capacity: 300 lb. - Length: 36.75" - Width: 12.1" - Weight: 4 lb.