Air Purifying Planter | Air Purifier, Houseplants
by airy


For a truly efficient air purifier, go green. This planter system amplifies houseplants' power to clean the air by eight times by incorporating an amazing NASA discovery: Exposing plants' roots to the air makes them super-efficient environmental cleaners. Add your favorite indoor plant—from sword ferns to moth orchids—and let their natural toxin-absorbing abilities neutralize 75% of allergy-causing elements in a typical room within 24 hours. The planter also provides ideal conditions for plants to thrive, making it a win-win for both people and greenery. The easy-to-maintain system requires no power to help you breathe easy in a living room, bedroom, child's room, or office. Designed and made in Germany. MADE FROM polypropylene MEASUREMENTS 10.6" H x 11" Dia CARE When watering for the first time, do not use the filling hole (circular hole on top where water indicator fits). Instead, pour approximately 1 liter of water directly onto the substrate. As soon as the water has trickled down the water level indicator will show you how far up you need to fill the water tank. Repeat this step if the substrate has dried out completely. Planter is dishwasher safe. NOTES Includes: - planter with 1.8 liter water tank - water level indicator - expanded clay - activated carbon - guide book Plant not included. Designed for indoor use.