One Click Butter Cutter
by Inventions for Market


The one-click butter cutter holds and slices butter into pats with just a squeeze. Easily loads a complete stick of hard butter. Slices can be cut and dispensed with one or two hands. Measures out butter with 4 slices per tablespoon. No mess-no fuss. Keep hands and butter clean. Stores in the refrigerator and is easily cleaned in the dishwasher or in warm water. Made of food grade plastic with a stainless steel cutting blade. Make life easier and cleaner by slicing hard butter with the one-click butter cutter. For use with the Standard 5" long 1/4 lb. bar of butter Stores your butter (or margarine) in an easy to retrieve container and uses less shelf space than conventional butter dishes. Dimensions: 3 x 8 x 2 inches ; 10.9 ounces